A round up of the best stories about the Netherlands and all things Dutch from leading international publications

Study Says Nobelist Obeyed Nazi Rules

Historians investigating the life of a Dutch Nobel chemistry laureate who worked in Germany during Adolf Hitler's Nazi regime found the scientist complied with anti-Jewish dictates while sometimes helping Jewish colleagues. (more…)  More >

Dutch court rules Srebrenica families can sue U.N.

Families of Srebrenica massacre victims have cleared a legal hurdle in their lawsuit against the Dutch state and the United Nations, which they argue allowed the killing of thousands of Muslims, their lawyers said. (more…)  More >

The radicalization of ‘Eillen’

BOGOTA, Colombia: The army stumbled on the handwritten diary during a raid on a guerrilla camp. It lay near the embers of a communal kitchen where fleeing rebels left their breakfast untouched. (more…)  More >

Goin Dutch

IT IS 11am on a cold but sunny Tuesday in the Dutch city of Eindhoven. Queues of people are lining up to enter the Witte Dame exhibition centre. From the outside, it looks rather drab and functional - all concrete, glass and steel. However, inside the building lies a veritable treasure-trove of spectacularly colourful items. (more…)  More >

Seeking Golf’s Origins on Dutch Links

A velvet green fairway slices through dunes composed of heather, gorse and sand. The air tingles with the salty smell of the sea. Crashing waves are audible in the distance. And 353 meters away, a red flag whips in the wind. (more…)  More >

Dutch companies still attractive after buyout spree

After two years of wrenching, multi-billion euro buyouts, the Dutch corporate world is becoming more efficient and is likely to see further growth and investment opportunities, supported by a resilient economy. (more…)  More >

After Harry Potter

As part of the release of the Dutch translation of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," author J.K. Rowling has given a new interview to the Dutch newspaper "The Volkskrant." (more…)  More >

Dutch identity does exist

Unlike Princess Máxima, two thirds of all Dutch people in the Netherlands and abroad think that a Dutch identity does exist. More than half of them are also proud to call themselves Dutch. (more…)  More >

Dutch campaigners in last bid to save Anne Frank tree

Campaigners fighting to save a diseased tree in Amsterdam that was fondly described by Anne Frank in her diary about life in hiding under Nazi occupation made a last bid Thursday to stop it being felled. (more…)  More >

Cuban bananas storm Dutch beaches

On the Dutch island of Terschelling, beaches are often awash in treasures—like the bunches of Cuban bananas that floated ashore this week. (more…)  More >

Dutch Jews slam Germany over Shoah payment loophole

Germany is unjustly withholding money from Dutch Holocaust survivors, an umbrella group for Dutch Jews told Haaretz. Yesterday, on the eve of the anniversary of Kristallnacht, the group's leaders presented Germany with a petition protesting "injustice to 2,000 Dutch survivors." (more…)  More >

Former Dutch star Gullit will be Galaxy’s new coach

Former Dutch star and current television analyst Ruud Gullit was named coach of the Los Angeles Galaxy. Gullit is expected to take charge of the Galaxy ahead of its trip to Australia and New Zealand later this month. (more…)  More >

NATO promises just enough to keep Dutch on Afghan mission: former commander

AMSTERDAM - NATO defence ministers seem to have done just enough with meagre offers of additional troops to convince the Dutch to carry on the fight in southern Afghanistan, a former military commander said Friday. Retired Dutch Maj.-Gen Frank van Kappen's observation appeared supported by remarks from a senior member of the ruling party in the Netherlands. (more…)  More >

Senior US Democratic lawmaker offends Dutch counterparts with historical remarks

Dutch lawmakers who visited the Guantanamo Bay military prison this week said they were offended by a testy exchange in Washington with a senior congressional Democrat. The lawmakers said that Tom Lantos, chairman of the House of Representatives' Foreign Affairs Committee, told them that "Europe was not as outraged by Auschwitz as by Guantanamo Bay." (more…)  More >

Jan Wolkers, Dutch novelist, poet and sculptor dies at 81

Dutch novelist, poet and sculptor Jan Wolkers — whose sex-charged books helped shake off the shackles of postwar conservatism in the Netherlands — died on Friday at his home on the North Sea island of Texel, his publisher said. (more…)  More >

Sense of loss for Dutch as ABN tussle nears end

For the Royal Bank of Scotland-led consortium striving to buy ABN Amro, this week should mark a final stage in the biggest financial services deal. The €71bn ($101bn) offer for the Dutch lender is due to close and, if the trio of banks completes its mammoth fundraising effort, it is expected to win ABN’s hand after a six-month scrap. (more…)  More >

Small town of Urk exemplifies pious heart of the Dutch Christian right

Though its population is not quite 18,000, the Dutch town of Urk already has more Protestant churches than some small cities. For this remote and traditional fishing community, though, 19 established places of worship are not enough, so plans are afoot to build two more. (more…)  More >