A round up of the best stories about the Netherlands and all things Dutch from leading international publications

Going Dutch

PICTURE ME, IF YOU WILL, as I settle at my desk to begin my workday, and feel free to use a Vermeer image as your template. (more…)  More >

Looking for Dutch NYC 400 years after Hudson

New York City is constantly being rebuilt, paved over and reinvented, so it's not easy to find remnants of the colony of New Amsterdam 400 years after Henry Hudson sailed up the river that bears his name. (more…)  More >

In “Africa Wax” war, Dutch take on China

A new trade war is unrolling across Africa: a battle between Chinese textile-makers and a colonial-era company from The Netherlands, original maker of the eye-catching "Dutch Wax" fabrics often known as "Africa Wax." (more…)  More >

Dutch Recognize the Limits of Their Afghan Approach

As President Barack Obama tries to change the course of the war in Afghanistan, the Dutch Army's gains there against the Taliban have captured the attention of his advisers. Temper your enthusiasm, say the Dutch. (more…)  More >

Tale of Return, Vividly Illustrated

“Reclaimed: Paintings From the Collection of Jacques Goudstikker” at the Jewish Museum is many exhibitions in one. It’s a portrait of an enormously successful art dealer who shaped tastes and markets between the wars. It’s a marriage of Northern Baroque and Southern Renaissance painting. Most of all, it’s an extraordinary, continuing tale of looting and restitution. (more…)  More >

Humble Dutch clog stands the test of time

As stereotypically Dutch as windmills and tulips, the wooden clog is not just a modern-day tourist souvenir. It is still worn by thousands of farmers and factory workers. (more…)  More >

Dutch leave messages on God phone

An artist in the Netherlands sets up a telephone number to allow people to call God - but they will have to leave a message. (more…)  More >

Dutch manager singing to its own tunes

How do you seek diversification with almost €200bn in assets under management? This is always the dilemma facing the world's biggest investment houses. It is one that Amsterdam-based APG Investments has attempted to solve in conjunction with Britney Spears. (more…)  More >

Dutch immigrant traces family’s journey

HOLLAND TOWNSHIP -- Klaas deBoer knows the feeling of being at the mercy of strangers following his family's move from Kollum, the Netherlands, to the United States 53 years ago. He relives those unanticipated adjustments he grappled with as a young immigrant to the U.S. in his self-published book, "Rough Seas: An Immigrant's Journey from Holland to Holland." (more…)  More >

Meet the Glamorous Dutch Royals

When Her Majesty Queen Beatrix "by the Grace of God Queen of the Netherlands" celebrated her 70th birthday earlier this year, the Dutch press was feverish with speculation about whether she would abdicate. (more…)  More >

Totally Tolerant, Up to a Point

If it were not for his hatred of Islam, Geert Wilders would have remained a provincial Dutch parliamentarian of little note, writes Ian Buruma in the New York Times (more…)  More >

Dutch magazine celebrates menswear

In a set of neat new offices in the center of town, a gray, rectangular, cardboard box that once contained Chanel perfume is flattened and nailed to the wall for inspiration. (more…)  More >

A Rare Deep Freeze Warms the Dutch Soul

Canals in the Netherlands no longer freeze every winter, so the chance to ice-skate outdoors created a frenzy in Kinderdijk and elsewhere in the south. “Everybody took days off,” said one mayor. (more…)  More >

From the left, a call to end the current Dutch notion of tolerance

Two years ago, the Dutch could quietly congratulate themselves on having brought what seemed to be a fair measure of consensus and reason to the meanest intersection in their national political life: the one where integration of Muslim immigrants crossed Dutch identity. (more…)  More >