A round up of the best stories about the Netherlands and all things Dutch from leading international publications

Dutch ban frees eels, angers fishermen

When Aart van der Waal chose 20 years ago to fish for eel rather than join the legal profession, he didn't expect to be told someday to make a choice between making a living and breaking the law. (more…)  More >

Dutch Seize Bank After Run on Assets

The Dutch central bank shuttered DSB Bank NV, a struggling consumer and mortgage lender, after a run by depositors that followed a call from a consumer group to pull money out of the controversial institution. (more…)  More >

Camels new cash cows for Dutch farmers?

Landscapes don't get much more typically Dutch than the one just outside the southern city of Den Bosch. Vast farmlands, cows, cornfields, a modern farm here and there and the outline of a small village on the horizon. But there's one element that doesn't seem to fit in the picture: a herd of forty camels, quietly grazing in a meadow next to a traditional dairy farm. (more…)  More >

New York City’s ‘Birth Certificate’: $24 and All That

Beginning Sunday, not far from where the saltwater of the sea and the freshwater of the river bearing Henry Hudson’s name intermingle in an estuary that nestles along the island of Manhattan, the documents that began it all will be on display: meticulously preserved ledgers with ornate scripts, delicately colored maps and drawings, an official government pronouncements that gave birth to New Amsterdam and led ultimately to the creation of the City of New York. (more…)  More >

400 years later, another Dutch island in New York

QUICK: What do you think when you think of Holland? Windmills, tulips and clogs, for sure. Maybe sleek bicycles and good social services, soccer and canals, Genever gin and Vermeer. But experimental theater? Probably not. (more…)  More >

People get red-dy

The idea of a ginger festival may sound like little more than a bit of fun, but when 3,000 redheads came together for a recent gathering it became a bonding experience. (more…)  More >

Dutch royals visit NY 400 years after Henry Hudson

Dutch Prince Willem-Alexander and his wife, Princess Maxima, met dignitaries up and down the Hudson River, lunched with military cadets and lauded their country's long friendship with the United States as they marked the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson's historic voyage. (more…)  More >

Dutch royalty appears, but not to reclaim the island

All of this could have been his. But when Crown Prince Willem-Alexander of Orange, the presumptive next king of the Netherlands, strode the warship deck on Tuesday to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson’s arrival at New York Harbor and the subsequent founding of the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam, he was about 345 years too late to stake a territorial claim. (more…)  More >

Going Dutch, and Saying It Right

These days New York is a (mostly) English-speaking locale, but Dutch influence is all over the city. It pops in the majority of our boroughs (Brooklyn, Staten Island and the Bronx), neighborhoods from north to south (Harlem, Coney Island, Flushing, Bushwick) and in famed street names (Bowery, Broadway). (more…)  More >

Madrid’s Dutch-detox

After Real Madrid plundered the summer transfer market and filled the dressing room with new stars, it's now time for the Spanish club to prune their squad down. With the season kicking off in a week's time the Dutch contingent are being pushed out of the door. (more…)  More >

Strep throat may have killed Mozart: study

The death of composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart at the age of 35 may have been caused by complications stemming from strep throat, according to a Dutch study published on Monday. (more…)  More >

An unlikely gathering place

Amsterdam, considered by many as one of Europe's biggest party towns (with more than 1,000 nightclubs, including one called "Sinner's Heaven), is the seemingly unlikely site of this year's World Congress of Families conference, Aug. 10-12. (more…)  More >

Netherlands’ ‘little brown bars’ buck anti-smoking regulations

Smokers have found some friendly legislative ground in the Netherlands. A series of district court decisions, one most recently handed down in July, has partially rolled back a 2008 smoking ban, allowing customers in thousands of small bars to once again light up at their barstools. (more…)  More >

Dress rehearsal for a flu pandemic

General practitioners from the Rotterdam area gathered at the World Port Center this week for an exercise in how to deal with a flu pandemic. "Can you handle 90 extra patients a day? No, you can't." (more…)  More >