A round up of the best stories about the Netherlands and all things Dutch from leading international publications

New York Times: Shorter work week alters rhythm of Dutch life

At 37, Remco Vermaire is the youngest partner in his law firm. His banker clients expect him on call constantly — except on Fridays, when he looks after his two children. Fourteen of the firm’s 33 lawyers work part time, as do many of their high-powered spouses. Some clients do, too. (more…)  More >

Washington Post: A fresh perspective on possessions

Only two days into my project, and already I'm cheating. Pondering the pictures stacked up in the Corcoran's deluxe Mantel Room, I couldn't help peeking around the corner into a connected space curators have dubbed the Small Mantel Room - and getting stuck there. (more…)  More >

Daily Mail: It’s 2am in the snow, minus 12 and I’m in flip-flops

Voices boomed over the tannoy, but we could never catch what was being said. We wandered around from one giant pile of luggage to another at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, examining the tags as if we were fingering the toes of corpses. We felt like the walking dead, anyway. (more…)  More >

CBS42: Van der Sloot not Peru’s most notorious prisoner

Joran van der Sloot isn’t the most notorious prisoner in the Peruvian penal system. These days, he isn’t even the most notorious Dutch prisoner in a Peruvian prison. That dubious honor goes to Jason staling Conquet, a Dutch national imprisoned on a variety of drug related charges. (more…)  More >

Volkskrant: World Cup is running on oil and gas

Oil and gas will be the main sponsors now Russia and Qatar have been chosen to host the football world championship tournaments of 2018 and 2022, writes Mark van Driel in de Volkskrant. (more…)  More >

Guardian: Dutch fashion firm under fire over window display

Sex sells, or so one Dutch male fashion firm hopes. But Suit Supply's provocative – some say almost pornographic – "Shameless" advertising campaign has prompted cries of "shame" over a window display at London's Westfield shopping centre (more…)  More >

Dutch photographer turns lens on Orange City

Babies in northwest Iowa's proudly Dutch town of Orange City aren't actually born with clogs on their feet. The high school cheerleaders don't show up to games in long woolen skirts and embroidered aprons. And so far, at least, windmill tattoos aren't terribly popular. (more…)  More >