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August 2014

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Sunday 31 August 2014

Dutch finance minister may lose Euro group job after one term
Dutch finance minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem may lose his role as chairman of the influential Euro group after one term in office, Dutch media reported at the weekend.

The Netherlands set to join Nato rapid reaction force in Ukraine: FT
Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte has described Russia’s latest moves in Ukraine as ‘extremely worrying’, as claims emerge the Netherlands is to join a 10,000-strong Nato mission to halt president Putin's expansionism.

Saturday 30 August 2014

Six children taken into care over parents' jihad plans: officials
Officials have cancelled the passports of two couples from Huizen in Noord-Holland and taken their children into care because of fears they were planning to head to Syria, officials said on Saturday.

Coalition MPs oppose foreign travel register in anti-jihad plan
MPs from the ruling VVD and Labour parties are opposed to the cabinet’s plans to keep records of the entire population’s travel movements as part of a package of measures to stop radical Muslims going abroad to fight.

Students welcome end of lotteries for popular university courses
Student unions have welcomed the government’s decision to phase out lotteries when deciding which students should be admitted to popular courses.

Chanel International buys Amsterdam office block
French fashion house Chanel has spent almost €45m on a new European headquarters in Amsterdam’s Zuidas business district.

Amsterdammers break Airbnb rules: long lets with too many people
Amsterdammers are flouting the city council’s rules for letting their homes via Airbnb, the Volkskrant reported at the weekend.

Daley Blind heads for Manchester United, €17.5m sale agreed
Amsterdam football club Ajax has reached agreement with Manchester United on the sale of 24-year old versatile midfielder and defender Daley Blind for €17.5m.

Friday 29 August 2014

PSV, Feyenoord find out their Europa League opponents
PSV Eindhoven will face Greek club Panathinaikos, Portugal’s Estoril Praia and Dinamo Moscow in the group phase of the Europa League.

Dutch government outlines plans to tackle jihadis, radicalisation
Dutch ministers on Friday agreed a package of measures to combat the growth of Muslim radicalisation and stop youngsters travelling abroad to take part in jihad, or holy war.

Labour MP Mariëtte Hamer to chair SER advisory council
Labour parliamentarian Mariëtte Hamer has been named chairwoman of the government’s advisory body SER, replacing Wiebe Draijer who has gone to Rabobank.

PSV and Feyenoord progress to Europa League group phase
PSV Eindhoven and Rotterdam club Feyenoord will take part in the group phase of the Europa League after winning their final qualifying matches on Thursday evening.

Dutch supermarkets move to ban sweets from check-outs
Three big Dutch supermarket chains are working on plans to stop placing sweets and chocolate close to their cash registers in an effort to stimulate last-thought buys.

More people are claiming welfare benefits, despite recovery signs
The number of people claiming welfare benefits continues to rise, despite improvements in the jobs market, the national statistics office CBS said on Friday.

Volunteer firemen arrested for Limburg arson
Three members of the volunteer fire brigade in the Limburg village of Onderbanken have been arrested for arson, local broadcaster L1 said on Friday.

Incestuous fishermen, arrogant schmucks: Dutch stereotypes
A guide to Dutch stereotypes – in English and drawn up by a Dutchman – is proving a big internet draw even though designer VictorVan says himself ‘this is no hard science (or whatever form of science, for that matter)'.

Council subsidises ATM in village with €10,000 as banks pull out
The local council of Ubbergen in Gelderland has given Regio bank a €10,000 subsidy to set up a cash machine in a village of 1,800 people.

More people have money troubles, 'worrying trend' says debt register
There has been a 19,000 increase in the number of people with problems paying their bills over the past six months, according to the credit registration agency BKR.

Thursday 28 August 2014

Dutch firms trials robot hawks to chase off gulls and protect crops
A Dutch company is developing robot birds to protect crops and chase away other birds, the Volkskrant reports on Thursday.

Three arrested for recruiting people to fight in Syria and Iraq
A 32-year-old man and 24-year-old woman from The Hague have been arrested for trying to recruit people to fight in Syria and Iraq, police said on Thursday.

Archbishop Tutu urges Dutch pension fund to pull out of Israeli banks
South Africa’s archbishop Desmond Tutu has urged civil service pension fund ABP to stop investing in three Israeli banks and ‘strike a powerful, non-violent blow for peace in the Middle East’.

Rijksmuseum puts up ticket prices almost 17%
Despite having a record number of visitors – 2.2 million in the eight months to end December following its reopening, Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum is putting up its ticket price by €2.50 to €17.50.

Teachers to get cash and time off for training to boost standards
Teachers are to get government cash to pay for retraining as part of a €1.2bn package of measures to improve Dutch school standards.

Dutch raise German road toll plan with Brussels, citing discrimination
Transport minister Melania Schultz has asked to European Commission to investigate if Germany’s plans to introduce road tolls for foreigners break EU rules.

Deadly bee larvae disease in Zuidlaren
A highly infectious disease has been found in a honey bee colony in the Drenthe village of Zuidlaren.

Tax cut on home renovations set to continue into 2015
The lower value added tax rate on home extensions and renovations, and garden maintenance will continue for a further six months, sources in The Hague have told current affairs show Nieuwsuur.

More empty shops in Dutch high streets, but big cities doing well
The number of empty shops in the Netherlands grew by 1,000 in the first six months of this year, taking the total to 16,300.

Wednesday 27 August 2014

Free water a condition for festival licences: Amsterdam
Amsterdam city council will only grant licences to festival organisers if they guarantee festival goers will have unlimited access to free tap water to fill up their water bottles, the Parool reports on Wednesday.

First 'boycott tomatoes' arrive at Dutch food banks
A consignment of 4,000 kilos of tomatoes have been delivered to Arnhem’s food banks under new rules to stop food waste because of the Russian boycott of Dutch produce.

Minister under pressure after homeless refugee dies in squat
Junior justice minister Fred Teeven is facing questions in parliament after the death of a failed Somali asylum seeker in Amsterdam and serious injuries to a second man after a fall.

Finance ministry sells Landsbanki debt to clear Icesave loan
The Dutch state says it has got back the ‘full amount’ of money made available to the Icelandic authorities in 2008 to compensate savers who lost their cash when internet bank Icesave collapsed.

Arnhem man gets community service for discriminatory job rejection
A 29-year-old man from Arnhem has been given 40 hours community service for writing in an email about a job applicant that he was ‘firstly a dark colour (negro)’.

Euthanasia clinic reprimanded for death of stroke victim
A special clinic set up to help people whose doctors do not support euthanasia has been reprimanded for failings when it helped an elderly woman who did not want to live in a nursing home to die.

Health insurance premiums set to rise by 10% next year: AD
Basic healthcare insurance premiums are likely to rise by around €9.50 a month next year and the own risk element will also go up, the AD reports on Wednesday.

Dutch appoint more women as ambassadors in Arabic countries
The Netherlands has appointed several women to ambassadorial positions in the Middle East and North Africa as part of efforts to increase the number of women in senior diplomatic roles, the Volkskrant said on Wednesday.

Dutch allocate €6.5m to northern Iraq relief effort
The Netherlands has allocated a further €6.5m in emergency aid to Iraq, aid minister Lilianne Ploumen has announced.

Dutch officials worried about Belgian nuclear power station safety
Politicians in the southern Dutch provinces of Zeeland and Brabant are extremely concerned about conditions in the Belgian nuclear power station in Doel, the Volkskrant said on Wednesday.

Legal advisor quits Zwarte Piet campaign after death threats
One of the legal team helping campaigners opposed to current manifestation of Zwarte Piet has pulled out of the trial process after receiving threats.

Airline Transavia to take on Ryanair and Easyjet
Dutch charter airline Transavia is being transformed into a low cost airline, requiring a 15% cut in costs, chief executive Matthijs ten Brink has told staff in an email.

Belgian Syria returnee claims Dutchman leads IS prison
A Belgian teenager who spent months in Syria is claiming the prison where US journalist James Foley was kept before he was beheaded by the Islamic State militia has a Dutch national in a leadership role.

MH17 crash: DNA found from 283 people, 173 victims identified
Scientists have so far identified 283 different DNA profiles among the victims of Malaysian Airways flight MH17 which was apparently brought down by a rocket in eastern Ukraine on July 17.

Tuesday 26 August 2014

Cable companies UPC and Ziggo cleared to merge, says Bloomberg
Liberty Global will be given permission to take over its Dutch competitor Ziggo by the European Commission, financial news agency Bloomberg said on Tuesday.

Ice Bucket challenge raises €500,000 so far in the Netherlands
The Ice Bucket Challenge hype has raised some €500,000 for the Dutch ALS charity so far, the NRC said on Tuesday afternoon.

The Netherlands to withdraw Patriot systems from Turkey in January
The Netherlands will end its contribution to Nato's Patriot anti-ballistic missile defence system in Turkey at the end of January next year, the government has confirmed.

Amsterdam waterboard closes down two 'Airbnbs for boats'
Amsterdam waterboard Waternet is trying to close down two websites which allowed boat owners to rent their boats to others on an informal basis.

King should talk more about importance of God: Dutch churches
Dutch Protestant church officials suggest king Willem-Alexander should make more public statements about his religious beliefs, the NRC reports on Tuesday.

Hema reportedly 'phasing out' Zwarte Piet, critics call for boycott
Dutch high street retail group Hema is phasing out Sinterklaas’s controversial helper Zwarte Piet from gift packaging and displays, the Parool reports on Tuesday.

18,500 marijuana plants found growing in Limburg woods
Limburg police have discovered an estimated 18,500 marijuana plants hidden in woods close to the border with Germany following a tip-off.

Is the Netherlands ready for the doggy bag?
Environmental group Natuur & Milieu is attempting to introduce the doggy bag to the Netherlands and from Tuesday will distribute 50,000 to restaurants all over the country.

Norwegian man arrested in Rotterdam for stepdad's murder
A 23-year-old Norwegian national wanted in connection with the gruesome murder of his stepfather last week, has been arrested in Rotterdam.

Joran van der Sloot on hunger strike after Peruvian prison move
Joran van der Sloot, currently serving a 28-year sentence for murder of Peruvian woman Stephany Flores and still suspected of the murder of American student Natalee Holloway, is on hunger strike, broadcaster Nos said on Tuesday.

LPG and diesel sales continue to fall: motoring organisations
The volume of diesel bought in the Netherlands fell by 200 million litres in the first six months of this year, according to new figures out on Tuesday.

Imtech issues new shares, sells IT unit to reduce its debts
Technical services company Imtech has sold its information technology arm to French firm Vinci for €225m in an effort to reduce its mounting debt of over €1bn.

Volunteers and interns are replacing regular workers, union warns
People with a paid job, such as in a library or care home, are increasingly being replaced by volunteers, according to trade union federation CNV.

2015 budget: Most people will have more to spend next year
Most people in the Netherlands will have a little more disposable income next year, according to the five parties currently putting the final touches to next year’s government spending plan.

Monday 25 August 2014

75 firms fined for breaking rules on employing foreign students
Social affairs ministry inspectors fined 75 firms last year for not sticking to the rules for employing foreign students from non-EU countries.

Homeless refugee dies after fight with others living rough in garage
A homeless Somali asylum seeker has died in hospital after ending up in a coma following a fight with several others at an abandoned garage in Amsterdam where they have been living for several months.

10,000 are waiting for a nursing home place as reforms start to bite
Over 10,000 people are waiting for a place in a nursing home but according to the government, the official waiting list only has 65 people, according to a report by current affairs television show Nieuwsuur.

Surprise! 80% of primary school kids want to use tablets in class
Just 20% of Dutch primary schools currently use tablets as a teaching aid but a survey for Nos children’s news programme shows 80% of pupils think they should be used much more often.

Disputes between neighbours more likely to involve lawyers
The number of disputes between neighbours which end up involving lawyers has gone up sharply over the past year, according to newspaper nrc.next.

Budget negotiations nearly completed
The negotiations on next year’s government spending plans are in the final stages, D66 leader Alexander Pechtold told reporters on Monday.

Maastricht researchers 'suspend' testing on big dogs after protest
Researchers at Maastrict University have called a halt to plans to use 39 labrador dogs for experiments with pacemakers and related heart research.

New 'skin' makes 1960s terraced home super energy efficient
Students from Delft University have turned an ordinary 1960s terraced house into an energy-neutral home by giving it a ‘new skin’ involving solar panels, glass walls and smart technology.

'It's not really that cold,' expert tells Nos
The temperature in the Netherlands may not have gone above 17 Celsius for the past few days but it is not really cold for the time of year, broadcaster Nos said on Monday.

Red Cross under pressure, needs millions of euros to do its work
The Dutch arm of the Red Cross needs hundreds of millions of euros to carry out its relief work because of a surge in violence and medical emergencies, the AD reports on Monday.

Trade unions warn councils on home nursing, elderly care cuts
The three biggest Dutch trade union federations are urging local councils not to go too far in making cuts when they take over responsibility for long term care services from central government.

PSV beat Ajax at home for the first time in six years
PSV beat Ajax 3-1 at the Amsterdam Arena on Sunday – the first time since 2008 that the Eindhoven club has beated Ajax on their home turf.

Government inspectors under fire over advance warning plans
Government transport and environmental inspectors are under fire for their decision to give companies advance warning before they carry out inspections, the Volkskrant reports on Monday.

Muslim clerics who preach hatred face deportation, Dutch minister says
Foreign Muslim clerics who preach hatred in Dutch mosques and who glorify terrorism face deportation, social affairs minister Lodewijk Asscher says in Monday’s Telegraaf.

Friday 22 August 2014

Universities warned not to neglect degree courses for research
Dutch universities need to make strenuous efforts to ensure their degree courses remain up to scratch, the body in charge of assessing standards said on Friday.

Cabinet earmarks €500m for income tax cuts in next month's budget
The government plans to cut the lowest income tax band as part of a €500m package of measures to boost jobs, the NRC said on Friday afternoon.

Gambling addict sues Holland Casino for letting him play
A gambling addict from Leerdam is suing the state-owned casino operator Holland Casino for failing to ban him from their premises.

Uberpop drivers threatened with fines in Amsterdam
Several drivers for the alternative taxi service Uberpop have been sent warnings by the transport ministry, saying they face fines of up to €4,200 if they continue to transport people for money, Nos television said on Friday.

Russia disputes Dutch museum's decision to keep Scythian artifacts
The Russian authorities are disputing the decision by Amsterdam’s Allard Pierson Museum to keep a collection of gold artifacts from Ukraine because of the dispute over Crimea.

Almost one in two people own a car in the Netherlands
There are almost eight million cars in the Netherlands, or just under one for every two people, new figures from the national statistics office CBS on Friday show.

Dutch minister opposes new law to criminalise 'glorifying violence'
Justice minister Ivo Opstelten has rejected calls for the government to bring in a new law making it a crime to glorify terrorist violence.

Dutch send helmets and bullet-proof vests to Iraqi Kurds
The Netherlands is sending 1,000 helmets and 1,000 bullet-proof vests to help the Kurds in Iraq who are fighting against Islamic State militants in the north.

Free public transport boosts pensioners' well-being
Poor pensioners who make use of their right to free public transport in Amsterdam report feeling happier and have more contact with the outside world, according to a preliminary city council report.

Profits plunge at ABN Amro due to one-off costs
Nationalised bank ABN Amro booked net profit of just €39m in the second quarter of 2014, blaming the cost of the switch to a new pension system for the earnings plunge.

Three draws and one win for Dutch clubs in Europe
There were mixed fortunes for the four Dutch clubs taking part in the final play-offs for the Europa League on Thursday night.

Thursday 21 August 2014

Dietary, stop-smoking advice not part of health insurance: survey
An overwhelming majority of people think help with stopping smoking or losing weight should be taken out of the basic Dutch health insurance package, according to a new survey.

Uefa fines Feyenoord for racist behaviour by fans
European football body UEFA has taken action against Rotterdam football club Feyenoord for racist behaviour by fans during a Champions League match against Besiktas of Turkey in July.

Albert Heijn 'guacamole' is voted marketing trick of the year
Albert Heijn own brand guacamole, which contains just 0.7% avacado powder, has been voted the year's biggest marketing trick in a poll by consumer organisation Consumentenbond.

One in four Dutch people use mobile phone apps to do banking
One in four people in the Netherlands use mobile phone apps to make payments and transfer money, the Dutch central bank said on Thursday.

Amsterdammer planning to go to Syria to stay in jail for three months
A 23-year-old man from Amsterdam who was picked up by police for planning to travel to Syria to fight with Muslim rebels has been remanded in custody for three months.

Police arrest 38 for Ajax-Zwolle cup final fireworks trouble
Dutch police have now arrested 38 people in connection with crowd trouble at the Ajax PEC Zwolle KNVB Cup final in April.

Demos banned throughout The Hague residential areas
The Hague's mayor Josiaz van Aartsen has extended a ban on demonstrations in the Schilderswijk district to cover all the city's residential areas after it emerged seven rallies were due to take place on September 20.

Unemployment continues to fall, working population shrinks
The official Dutch unemployment rate fell for the third month in a row in July and now totals 8.2% of the working population, the national statistics office CBS said on Thursday.

House prices rise for fourth month in a row
House prices rose for the fourth month in a row in July, the Dutch land registry office and national statistics office CBS said on Thursday.

Competition hits supermarket group Ahold
Earnings at supermarket group Ahold were pressured by a downturn in sales for some products and strong competition in the Dutch market.

CEO of biggest Dutch builder steps down over losses
The chief executive of the Netherlands’ biggest building company BAM has resigned after the company posted a first half loss of €6.6m.

'Defence ministry knew about carcinogenic paint for 15 years'
The defence ministry has known for 15 years that soldiers were being exposed to highly carcinogenic paints, despite government assurances to the contrary, the Volkskrant says on Thursday.

Electric bike use on the rise
Several government-backed experiments are under way in an effort to get more people to use electric bikes to cycle to work and school, Nos television said on Thursday.

Four Dutch clubs in European football action
Four Dutch football clubs are in European action on Thursday night as the final qualifying rounds for the Europa League take place.

Wednesday 20 August 2014

Four Dutch DJs in Forbes highest earners list, Hardwell new entrant
Four Dutchmen grace the latest list of the world’s best DJs compiled by Forbes magazine.

Consumer confidence falters after months of improvement
Dutch consumers were less confident in the economic situation in August after months of steady growth, possibly as a result of the tense political situation on the international level, the national statistics office CBS said on Wednesday.

Five monkeys found as stowaways on ship heading for Rotterdam
Five monkeys have been found on board a container ship heading for Rotterdam port, primate charity Stichting Aap said on Wednesday.

Insurer under fire over compensation for woman unable to work
Insurance company Reaal was discriminatory when it worked out a compensation deal for a woman left unable to work after an accident by assuming she would have children and a part-time job, the Dutch human rights board has ruled.

Dutch doctors warned to look out for Ebola symptoms
The Dutch public health institute RIVM has warned family doctors to be on the look-out for symptoms of the deadly Ebola disease but says the chance of it arriving in the Netherlands is ‘extremely small’.

More Dutch universities open campus-based colleges
Some 3,000 students in the Netherlands are now attending university colleges – which offer a campus-based education for fees double that of traditional universities, the Volkskrant reports on Wednesday.

State pays €460,000 to use land for king's Greek villa security fence
The Dutch government has paid €461,000 in land rights to place a security fence around the royal family’s Greek holiday home but the land itself is only worth €35,000, RTL news says.

Change your lectures to avoid rush hour travel, universities told
Universities and colleges which do not stimulate students to use public transport outside rush hour could get less government money in the future, says education minister Jet Bussemaker.

Minister urges firms to bring manufacturing back to the Netherlands
Ministers are urging Dutch companies to bring manufacturing back to the Netherlands, social affairs minister Lodewijk Asscher has told MPs in a briefing.

Tuesday 19 August 2014

Economic recovery and jobs top cabinet priority list
The government’s priorities for 2015 are to ensure the economy continues to recover and to create jobs, prime minister Mark Rutte said on Tuesday.

Tax office wins right to know where you parked and for how long
A company which enables people to pay for car parking by mobile phone must hand over client details to the tax office, the appeal court in Den Bosch said on Tuesday.

Is this summer? This August is one of the coldest since 1980
This August is the second coldest in 34 years with an average afternoon temperature of 17 Celsius at the De Bilt weather station.

Russian boycott set to cost Dutch €300m and affect 5,000 jobs
Russia’s boycott of Dutch goods will have an impact on thousands of jobs and will cost the economy millions of euros, the national statistics office CBS said on Tuesday.

Seven groups plan demos in The Hague on September 20
So far seven different organisations have announced plans to demonstrate in The Hague on September 20, according to the Telegraaf.

Dutch will not send heavy weapons to help Kurds combat IS
The Netherlands will not send heavy weapons or ground troops to help Kurdish fighters in their battle against the fundamentalist Muslim IS group, the Volkskrant reports on Tuesday.

Council of State to try to speed up Zwarte Piet ruling
The Netherlands’ highest legal body is to decide this week if it can reach a decision on the future of Zwarte Piet before the December 5 Sinterklaas festivities.

Dutch teenager set to become world's youngest Formula One racer
Dutch teenager Max Verstappen is set to become the youngest Formula One racing driver ever at the age of just 17 when he takes part in the Australian Grand Prix next season.

Doutzen Kroes is world's second highest earning model: Forbes
Dutch woman Doutzen Kroes is the second highest earning model in the world, according to business magazine Forbes.

Monday 18 August 2014

Six men jailed for international banking swindle
Six men have been jailed for up to four years for their role in the ‘digital theft’ of some €45m from ABN Amro and Rabobank, the Telegraaf says on Monday.

Dutch farmers welcome EU cash to head off Russian boycott impact
Dutch fruit and vegetable growers are set to benefit from a €125m compensation package set up by the EU following the imposition of an import ban by Russia.

Pro-Gaza, anti-extremism demos planned in The Hague
Officials in The Hague expect some form of demonstration will take place outside the defence ministry on Tuesday in support of the people of Gaza, the Telegraaf reports on Monday.

Dutch car sales poised to hit 45-year low
The Dutch car sector is heading for its worst year since 1969, according to automotive industry consultancy group Aumacon on Monday.

Defence spending, income tax cuts at centre of budget talks
Negotiations to finalise the government’s 2015 spending plans are focusing on boosting defence spending and cutting income tax, Dutch media report on Monday afternoon.

The Netherlands is Europe's leading exporter of frozen French fries
The Netherlands is responsible for almost one-third of Europe’s total production of French fries and other frozen potato dishes, according to the national statistics office CBS.

Meat industry cleaners face serious health risks
Government inspectors stopped production at 10 abattoirs and meat processing plants for a time last year because conditions for staff who clean the machines were so unsafe.

Dutchman missing after Indonesia ferry sinks, five Dutch rescued
One Dutchman and one Italian woman are still missing after Sunday’s ferry disaster in Indonesia, according to the Telegraaf.

Daycare group Estro paid directors bonuses prior to bankruptcy
Bankrupt daycare company Estro paid its executives bonuses just months before the company went bust, the NRC reported at the weekend.

Coalition parties continue to recover in new opinion poll
The ruling right-wing Liberal VVD continues to improve its performance in the latest Maurice de Hond opinion poll and has stretched its lead over the opposition D66.

Dutchman hands back Israeli medal after family killed in Gaza
A Dutchman honoured by Israel for hiding a Jewish child during World War Two has handed back his medal after six of his relatives were killed in an Israeli air strike on Gaza.

Medical specialists back price ceiling on life-extending treatment
A majority of the Netherlands’ medical specialists believe the healthcare system will become too expensive unless a maximum is set for spending on patients with terminal conditions, according to a new survey.

'Friendly' opposition parties join 2015 budget talks
The leaders of the D66 Liberal democrats and minor Christian parties ChristenUnie and SGP join ministers on Monday morning to put the final touches to the government’s 2015 spending plans.

Dutch finish fifth in European athletics medals table; swimmers also win
The Netherlands ended fifth in the medal table at the European athletics championships in Zurich this weekend, with three gold, two silver and one bronze medals.

Sunday 17 August 2014

Fire in Schilderswijk garage, cars destroyed, no one hurt
A fire in an underground parking garage in the Schilderswijk district of The Hague on Saturday night destroyed two cars and damaged others but no one was hurt.

Silver and bronze for Dutch athletes at European Championships
The Dutch athletics team had more success at the European Championships in Zurich on Saturday evening with silver and bronze medals in the 5,000 metres.

Saturday 16 August 2014

Feyenoord draws second match of the season
Rotterdam football club Feyenoord drew 1-1 with Frisian side Heerenveen at home in the Kuip on Friday evening.

Dutch athletes win gold and silver at European Championships
Dutch athlete Dafne Schippers took her second gold medal at the European Championships in Zurich when she won the 200 metres on Friday evening.

Friday 15 August 2014

'Zionist plot' civil servant will not get her job back
The civil servant who said terrorist Islamic State (Isis) is a zionist plot will not return to her job and may be sacked all together, justice minister Ivo Opstelten said on Friday.

Boycott damage will be limited; help on the way for those affected
Just 10% of the 4,000 Dutch exporters will be hit by the Russian boycott of fresh food produce, the central statistics agency CBS said on Friday.

NS profits rise, punctuality improves
Dutch railway company NS on Friday announced net profit in the first half of €133m, compared with €94m in the year earlier period.

Christians on hunger strike for fellow believers
A group of around 30 Christians have gone on hunger strike to protest at government inaction in northern Iraq where the Islamic State (Isis) is killing their fellow believers.

Dispensing chemists charge not to talk to patients
Dispensing chemists are not keeping to new rules on talking to patients when they collect medicine for the first time, but they are charging for their time.

Public transport safer with smart card
Public transport has become safer since the introduction of the smart card in 2009, Trouw says on Friday based on its own research.

Malaysian victims of MH17 crash return home
More bodies from the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash have been identified, including 16 Malaysian nationals.

One-third of Dutch university staff come from outside the country
Dutch universities get nearly all their extra personnel from abroad, particularly from Germany and China, and one-third of academic staff have a non-Dutch passport.

Netherlands' oldest inhabitant dies
The Netherlands' oldest inhabitant, Egbertje Leutscher-De Vries, has died at the age of 111.

Gold and silver for Dutch at European Championships
Ferry Weertman took gold in the 10 km open water swimming after a tight finish at the European Championships on Thursday evening.

Demonstrations banned in The Hague Schilderswijk district: Update
The ban on marches through The Hague Schilderswijk district is to be challenged in the courts by the extreme right-wing group NVU, Dutch media report.    

Thursday 14 August 2014

Shell sells gas fields for $2.1bn and shale gas land
Oil giant Shell on Thursday announced the sale of two gas fields in the US in return for a total $2.1bn and shale gas land.

Dutch government does not 'rule out' arming the Kurds
The Dutch government 'does not rule out that the Netherlands will contribute' to military support for the Kurds if the current security threat continues, foreign minister Frans Timmermans told parliament on Thursday.

Global turmoil puts Dutch economy at risk: CPB
The continuing turmoil in Ukraine and the Middle East forms a risk to the Dutch economy, the government's macro economic think-tank CPB said on Thursday.

Amsterdam mayor to appeal Zwarte Piet judgement
Amsterdam mayor Eberhard van der Laan is to appeal against a court ruling in July that he must reassess the granting of a licence for the Sint Nicolaas procession last December.

NS and ProRail to laser leaves from lines
Dutch railway operators NS and ProRail are to experiment with lasers to keep lines leaf-free this winter.

Growth up, more job vacancies
The Dutch economy grew 0.5% in the second quarter, mainly through exports, and job vacancies increased by 4,000, the central statistics agency CBS said on Thursday.

Dutch pilots want risk assessments on air space from the government
The Dutch government must play a greater role in informing airlines if a country's air space is too dangerous to fly in, the Dutch pilots' union said on Thursday.

Record number of bicycles removed from stations
Bike parks around the main railway stations cannot cope and councils removed 126,958 wrongly parked bikes in 2013, the Volkskrant reports on Thursday.

Dafne Schippers takes gold in 100 metres
Dutch athlete Dafne Schippers won gold in the 100 metres on Wednesday evening at the European Championships in Zurich.

Boskalis doubles profit in first half
Maritime services company Boskalis on Thursday announced profit of €253m in the first half, double that of the year earlier period.

Parachutes, food and blankets en route to Sinja mountains
The Netherlands is contributing parachutes, food and blankets to the air drops over northern Iraq, aid minister Liliane Ploumen told parliament in a written briefing on Wednesday evening.

Wednesday 13 August 2014

Conductor Frans Brüggen dies
Dutch conductor and early music specialist Frans Brüggen has died at the age of 79.

Retail sector sees turnover fall in June but rise slightly in second quarter
Turnover in the Dutch retail sector fell 1.9% in June, with clothing, furniture, consumer electronics and household products fairing worst, the central statistics agency CBS said on Wednesday.

Under-age students marked with wrist bands to stop them drinking
New students are being given coloured wrist bands to wear during the introductory week in their new city to indicate they are under the legal age for alcohol.

Van Rouwendaal wins open water gold in Berlin
Sharon van Rouwendaal was the surprise winner in the 10 km open water swimming on day two of the European Championship in Berlin.

Civil servant who made zionist plot remarks suspended
A civil servant at the justice ministry who said terror group ISIS does not exist and is a zionist plot has been suspended.

Afghan interpreter refused asylum
An Afghan man who worked as an interpreter for the defence ministry during the Dutch mission in Uruzgan has been refused asylum in the Netherlands.

Animal ingredients are 'hidden' on labelling: watchdog
Consumer organisation Foodwatch has found 'hidden' animal ingredients in food and wants labelling changed to include these.

Max Verstappen joins F1 team
Dutch racing driver Max Verstappen has joined the Red Bull junior team with immediate effect.

Energy prices must be more transparent: watchdog
Energy companies are not transparent about their prices which is hampering competition, the Dutch consumer authority ACM said on Wednesday.

Wilders calls for anti-Islam march in The Hague; city council to discuss problem district
Geert Wilders is calling on 'everyone' to take part in an anti-Islam demonstration in The Hague Schilderswijk district on September 20.

Tuesday 12 August 2014

Dutch firms to build floating hotel in fjord
Two Dutch companies are to build a floating hotel in a fjord in Norway, the Parool reports.

Dead rabbit gets man community service sentence
A 29-year-old man from The Hague was given 80 hours of community service on Tuesday for threatening a vet.

Dutch boycott produce set to be 0.1% of total exports
The Russian boycott on fresh food products will affect 0.1% of the total Dutch export market, the central statistics agency CBS said on Tuesday.

Probation service struggles with budget cuts
The probation service is struggling to cope with growing demand for advice, community service supervision and settlement of prisoners.

Extend tax-free gift scheme: estate agents
The estate agents' organisation NVM is calling for an extension to the temporary measure allowing people to give €100,000 tax free to their children.  

ING will still pay bonuses under new tough rules
Despite tough new rules, there will still be room to pay people bonuses, ING Investment Management director Hans Stoter told the Financial Times on Tuesday.

Economic damage from Russian boycott could be triple original estimate
The economic damage from the Russian boycott of Dutch food products could reach €1.5bn, Dutch employers' organisation VNO-NCW chief Hans de Boer said on Tuesday.

Hague riot 'unacceptable', city council in panic, mayor on holiday
The riot in The Hague last weekend is 'unacceptable' and the city council must take action, justice minister Ivo Opstelten said on Tuesday.

MH17 identification proceeding fast; Rutte and Abbott say mission will resume
The identification of the victims of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 is proceeding 'relatively quickly' and all the DNA profiles should be processed by August 20, national police chief Gerard Bouman told parliament on Monday evening.

Monday 11 August 2014

BAM puts right share price fall
Building group BAM on Monday said it expects a first half break-even result before tax in an effort to stabilise its share price.

Death flight pilot witnesses in Rotterdam-Buenos Aires videolink
The Dutch-Argentine pilot Julio Poch, extradited to Argentina on charges of helping kill opponents of the military junta, will face four Dutch prosecution witnesses via videolink.

Safety investigation team pulls out of MH17 crash site
The safety investigation commission OvV is leaving Ukraine and will continue its research into the cause of the MH17 air crash in The Hague, according to Dutch media on Monday.

Feyenoord to play Europa League match in Kiev
Rotterdam football club Feyenoord will play their first play-off match in the Europa League against Zorya Lugansk in Kiev.

Immigration reaches 76,000 in the first half of the year
The number of immigrants entering the Netherlands has grown by 8,600 in the first half of this year to 76,000, compared with the same period in 2013, the central statistics office CBS reports on Monday.

Geert Wilders again threatened with death
A portrait of Dutch politician Geert Wilders is featured with a bullet hole through his head on a film shown by an English-language online magazine

Zwarte Piet activist quits negotiations
Quinsy Gario, the anti-Zwarte Piet activist, will no longer be involved in discussions about the Sinterklaas festivities in December in Amsterdam.

Number of DNR medallion wearers shoots up
The number of people wearing a 'do not resuscitate' medallion has shot up from 5,000 last year to over 20,000.

Fugro books subtantial loss, waits for client investments
Geotechnical survey group Fugro on Monday said it is awaiting investment from its clients in oil and gas exploration in order to grow.

Government looking into aid transport to northern Iraq
The defence ministry is looking into the possibility of transporting aid to northern Iraq where Kurdish forces are fighting against the terrorist group ISIS, foreign minister Frans Timmermans said at the weekend.

Football season gets off to fine start
The first matches in the new premier league football season saw comfortable wins for PSV and Ajax and surprise win for FC Dordrecht.

Greenpeace ship returns home from Russia
The Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise arrived back in the Netherlands at the weekend following its release by the Russians.

42 more victims of MH17 crash identified
A further 42 victims of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 were formally identified at the weekend, bringing the total to 65.

Friday 08 August 2014

Housing market recovery better than expected
The housing market is recovering better than expected, Rabobank economists said on Friday.

Defence ministry workers sick through use of camouflage paint.
A growing number of former workers at five now decommissioned Nato depots in Overijssel province have complained of ill health because of the use of camouflage paint.

MH17 next of kin to receive advance; more victims identified
The next of kin of the victims of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash in Ukraine will receive a $50,000 (€37,000) advance on the eventual compensation, the company said on Friday.

First station closes platforms to non-smart card holders
Woerden in Utrecht province on Friday became the first NS railway station to close off its platforms to non-smart card holders.

Dutch clubs off to eastern Europe for Europa League matches
The four Dutch football clubs which have progressed to the play-offs in the Europa League were drawn against eastern European clubs on Friday.

Code yellow warning for the whole of the Netherlands
The KNMI weather bureau on Friday issued a code yellow warning for the whole of the country, ahead of heavy thunderstorms later in the day.  

Russian sanctions begin to bite in the Netherlands
The Russian sanctions imposed on Thursday against western countries are already beginning to bite in the Netherlands, Dutch media report on Friday.

Collective request for death certificates for MH17 victims
The Dutch public prosecution department has sent a collective request to the court in The Hague for death certificates for all the victims of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17.

PSV through to Europa League play-offs
Eindhoven football club PSV is through to the play-offs of the Europa League after winning their away match against Austrian club Sankt Pölten 3-2.

Call to register for Dutch in Ebola countries
Dutch people living in West Africa where the current Ebola outbreak has caused at least 900 deaths are being asked to register with their nearest embassy, the NRC reports.

Cristina Deutekom dies at 82
The world famous Dutch coloratura soprano Cristina Deutekom died on Thursday evening. She was 82 years old.

Thursday 07 August 2014

Use of mobile internet soars
The number of people using mobile internet services has soared over the past year, according to figures from providers KPN, T-Mobile and Vodafone.

Sunday at the supermarket gains in popularity
The number of people shopping in supermarkets on Sunday has doubled over the past two years, according to research carried out by sector monitor GfK.

Ignoring Wilders puts Jewish lobby message in the shade
Geert Wilders' name was 'consciously' removed from an advert against anti-semitism, the Dutch Israeli information centre CIDI said on Thursday.

Personal effects of MH17 return to the Netherlands, first investigators on way home
A military plane will land at Eindhoven airport on Thursday evening carrying personal belongings of the victims of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash in Ukraine.

Russian sanctions will bring price cuts
Russian sanctions against the EU and US agriculture industries will lead to a saturation of the market and massive price cuts, according to Ruud Huinre, head of Food and Agri at Rabobank.

Dutch inflation rate unchanged in July
The Dutch inflation rate remained unchanged at 0.9% in July, the central statistics agency said on Thursday.

Car thefts fall, manufacturers play important role
In total, 5,492 cars were stolen in the Netherlands in the first half of 2014, a drop of 5% on the year earlier period, according to the anti-car crime foundation AVc.

Dutch fresh produce banned from Russia
Russian prime minister Dmitri Medvedev on Thursday announced that Russia is banning imports of fresh produce from countries which back EU and US sanctions on Russia, including the Netherlands.

Cost of a day out rockets
The cost of a day out rose steeply in the past five years, the central statistics agency CBS said on Thursday.

Delta Lloyd sold less insurance, more mortgages in first half
Insurance group Delta Lloyd saw income from general insurance premiums fall in the first half of 2014, while income from mortgages and collective life insurance grew.

Feyenoord crashes out of Champions League
Rotterdam football club Feyenoord crashed out of the Champions League on Wednesday evening with a 1-3 defeat against Istanbul side Besiktas.

Dutch drones miss out through tough rules
The Dutch drone industry is lagging behind manufacturers in the rest of Europe because of the stricter rules which apply in the Netherlands.

Wednesday 06 August 2014

Dutch break off mission at Ukraine crash site
The Netherlands is breaking off its repatriation mission at the site of the crashed Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, prime minister Mark Rutte said on Wednesday evening.

Teeven softens asylum procedure for Russian gays
Junior justice minister Fred Teeven is planning to soften immigration rules for Russian lesbians, gays, bi-sexuals and transgenders.

Dutch growers feel the bite of sanctions against Russia
The market gardeners' association LTO Glaskracht said on Wednesday that Dutch growers are already feeling the bite of sanctions against Russia.

Search for and identification of MH17 victims continues, police are shorthanded
Dutch forensic experts in Hilversum have now investigated 150 complete bodies and 300 body parts, the Malaysian public health minister told state press agency Bernama on Wednesday.

NN Group books significant improvement in net profit
Insurance company NN (Nationale-Nederlander) Group on Wednesday announced a significant improvement in net profit to €252m in the second quarter, up from €39m in the year earlier period.

Dutch need 3% wage rise say economists
The Netherlands needs a decent salary increase after years of moderation, according to a group of economists.

Flexible working does not alleviate traffic jams
Flexible working has no effect on traffic jams, research by the mobility institute KiM for the environment ministry shows.

ING sees underlying net profit rise 31%
Financial services group ING on Wednesday announced net profit in the second quarter of €1.07bn, a rise of 19% on the year earlier period.

Fugro appointed main contractor in MH370 search
Geotechnical survey group Fugro has been selected as the main contractor in the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 which disappeared on March 8.

Dutch banks furious about bonus differences
Dutch bankers are furious that virtually no foreign bank in the Netherlands will have to comply with strict new limits on bonuses due to come into effect on January 1 2015.

Tuesday 05 August 2014

Violence in Gaza is 'unacceptable': Timmermans
Foreign minister Frans Timmermans says the violence being wreaked by Israel on Gaza is 'unacceptable'.

Water sport needs more police
There is not enough supervision on Dutch lakes, waterways and beaches, the organisation which promotes water sports said on Tuesday.

More students cannot afford to pay off student loans
A growing number of graduates are unable to pay off their student loan because they are not earning enough.

'Black Saturday' forecast for holiday traffic
Motoring organisation ANWB is warning holidaymakers that Saturday could be another day of record traffic jams.

Philips to invest in brainwave technology
Dutch electronics group Philips on Tuesday announced it is to invest in brainwave technology which will make it possible for electronic equipment to be directed by brainwave commands.

Number of drownings rises for second year
There have already been eight deaths by drowning so far this summer, making for a 'sad interim balance', according to the rescue brigade.

Fewer people drink and drive
The number of people driving under the influence of alcohol has fallen by a quarter in the past four years, road safety research institute SWOV said on Tuesday.

Teeven plans to lift entry ban for short overstays
Junior justice minister Fred Teeven is planning to lift the entry ban which can be imposed on tourists, business people and asylum seekers who overstay by a few days.

DSM books negative profit, turnover in Q2
Limburg-based chemicals group DSM on Tuesday announced negative results due to currency effects.

PostNL plans price rise for postage stamps
Postal firm PostNL has asked the Dutch consumer authority ACM for permission to raise the price of a postage stamp to offset the fall in turnover in the letter delivery market.

Sperm banks misinformed mothers for years
Sperm banks have been making serious mistakes with anonymous donations for years, Hans van Hooff of the pregnancy advisory service FIOM told news programme EenVandaag on Monday evening.

Monday 04 August 2014

Shell not doing enough to clean up Niger Delta: report
Oil giant Shell and the Nigerian government have done little to clean up pollution in the Niger Delta region, Amnesty International and other environmental groups say in a report published on Monday.

Dutch sending large team to European Athletics Championships
The Netherlands is sending a team of 43 athletes to the European Athletics Championships, which begin next Tuesday in Zurich.

Experts at MH17 crash site awaiting 'safety analysis'
The international team at the crash site of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 have been unable to continue their search on Monday because of heavy fighting in the area.

Extension of video referee and yellow card for shirt messages
The Dutch football association KNVB is to ask the International Football Association Board for permission to introduce a video referee from this October.

PEC wins first match of new football season
Football club PEC Zwolle beat Amsterdam's Ajax to the silverware for the second time in a row on Sunday.

Voluntary euthanasia association begins nationwide surgeries
The Dutch association Right To Die (NVVE) is running surgeries throughout the Netherlands to provide information on euthanasia.

Dutch say 'Eh' more than any other word
'Eh' is the most used word in spoken Dutch according to a new book listing the 5,000 most frequently used words in the language.

PostNL sees turnover grow 3% in second quarter
Postal firm PostNL on Monday announced an increase in turnover of 3% to €lbn in the second quarter.

Coalition parties gain in polls in aftermath of Malaysian Airlines crash
Voters appreciate the way in which the coalition government is handling the aftermath of the Malaysia Airlines crash, according to the latest Maurice de Hond opinion poll.

More human remains from flight MH17 on the way home
More human remains of the victims of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash in Ukraine will be flown back to the Netherlands on Monday afternoon.

Sunday 03 August 2014

Amsterdam pro-Gaza rally starts off peacefully, heavy police presence
Around 1,000 people took part in Sunday’s demonstration in Amsterdam in support of the people of Gaza and there was a heavy police presence.

Minke whale freed from fishing net off the island of Texel
A nine-metre long Minke whale which became caught up in a fishing net off the island of Texel has been freed by a local boat trip operator.

Saturday 02 August 2014

Moroccan and Jewish boats debut at Gay Pride canal parade
Despite the threat of storms, tens of thousands of people turned out to watch the 19th Gay Pride boat parade on Saturday, which this year included a Moroccan boat for the first time.

Friday 01 August 2014

Telegraaf bids to take over the NRC
The Telegraaf Media Groep (TMG) is attempting to take over the NRC Handelsblad newspaper and has bid €90m for the company, the Financieele Dagblad says on Friday.

Billions of euros needed to strengthen Dutch dykes
The infrastructure ministry will publish plans for a massive dyke strengthening problem when the government outlines its 2015 budget in September, according to current affairs show Nieuwsuur.

Police investigate string of attacks on horses: 60 in the past year
Dutch police are investigating a spate of violent attacks on horses, many of which they suspect are the work of the same person.

Guus Hiddink says he'll build on World Cup success with Oranje
New Dutch national football coach Guus Hiddink was formally presented to the press on Friday and praised his predecessor’s approach at the recent World Cup.

840 Dutch police officers are involved in MH17 crash investigation
In total, 840 Dutch police officers are involved in the investigation into the crash of Malaysia Airways flight MH17, of whom all but 90 are in the Netherlands, Nos television says on Friday afternoon.

Dirty, sleazy, too full: Rijksmuseum chief's warning for Amsterdam
Amsterdam is becoming dirty, sleazy and too full and if changes are not made, the city will be unable to cope with its millions of tourists, the director of the Rijksmuseum says in an open letter in NRCnext.

Work set to start at MH17 crash site as convoy of experts nears
Members of the international team searching for the remaining bodies of people on board Malaysia Airways flight MH17 are hoping to be able to reach the crash site on Friday, after an advanced team made it through on Thursday.

Dutch police to get tough on anti-semitism at pro-Gaza rallies
Public prosecutors in Amsterdam and The Hague are to be extra alert for anti-semitic statements at pro-Gaza and other demonstrations in the coming days.

Will they score? Online sex shop sponsors football club NAC Breda
Europe’s biggest online sex shop Pabo has signed a one-year contract to sponsor Breda football club NAC.

Pig farms re-opened after illegal antibiotic scare
Almost 100 pig farms closed last week after a banned antibiotic was found in animal feed are again open for business.

Mafia suspect arrested in Amsterdam
An Italian man has been arrested in Amsterdam as part of a Europe-wide string of arrests on behalf of the Italian police investigating a mafia clan, the public prosecution department told Nos television.

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