Suriname wants to scrap Sinterklaas festivities

The parliament of the former Dutch colony of Suriname wants to abolish the Sinterklaas festivities because the relationship between the white saint and his black assistant is ‘a poor example for children’, Nos television reports.

The paper says former president Ronald Venetiaan came up with the plan while the country’s arts and culture budget was being debated in the National Assembly.
In particular, Venetiaan is unhappy that Paramaribo’s Independence Square is used to celebrate the arrival of Sinterklaas, Nos says.
In particular, parliament plans to introduce legislation to stop the celebration of Sinterklaas in schools.
This year in the Netherlands, several Surinamese artists were arrested while protesting about the ‘racist elements’ in the Sinterklaas tradition.
Anti-Zwarte Piet arrests prompts new debate