Amsterdam Local helps clients find new online customers

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Long-tail online marketing is the new way to drive your business and boost your customer base.

Everybody wants more business and especially in times of economic decline. But how do we get more clients and where do we need to look for them? Online is the answer.

The new buzz is a phenomenon called long-tail online marketing. What is this? It is the strategy of focussing on smaller quantities of website visitors that produce an interesting conversion rate. More and more companies are embracing this strategy.

Niche-market companies should try to avoid the intense competition found in larger markets. The only problem is, how to join in on this new phenomenon? A long-tail online strategy can be expensive to set up and expensive to run for a numbers of months or years.


You need to ask an advertising agency of online marketing bureau to help and this is where it goes wrong. The smaller companies with smaller manpower and smaller budgets have no idea what to look for, what to buy and what to not to buy.

Simply avoiding the clutter of mass markets isn’t enough. Smaller companies need to identify a unique market and adopt their online strategy. But very few online marketeers really know what they are doing. The vast amount of confusing information about long-tail online marketing available on the internet has not made things easier.


The best internet strategists are those that do not charge you before they deliver results. Try to find a company that brings you the goods, without sending you enormous bills. Try and find a company that sends you the additional long tail clients you are looking for and that only charges you per client it delivers.

Sounds to good to be true? Small businesses in Amsterdam have found such a company. It is called Amsterdam Local and delivers long-tail internet customers on demand and only charges its customers per lead it delivers. One could say that Amsterdam Local in a no-cure no-pay online long-tail lead generator.

How does it work? The team will carry out research into the amount of online Google traffic for a specific long-tail keyword. If there is a decent amount of online traffic, Amsterdam Local will build at its own expense a website which will be optimised.


The phone number and email address feature on these websites are forwarded to the client. The client pays a fixed fee per phone call or email request that comes in. If Amsterdam Local is incapable of finding you any additional long-tail online clients, the phone won’t ring… but at least it will not have costs you a penny.

The Amsterdam Local business proposition works. Amsterdam Local is building up a wide client base in completely unrelated fields, because they know the strategy is successful.

For example, Amsterdam Local was asked by a small, independent boat rental company to supply additional long tail clients. Amsterdam Local build the salonboot amsterdam website which is now ranked number one in google and brings in several new requests a day.

Happy hour

Another small business asked for additional barbecue clients and has seen remarkable results with the BBQ Boot Amsterdam website which was built by Amsterdam Local.

Other examples with similar results are Borrel Boot Amsterdam which pulls in floating happy hour customers for a boat rental company, the bloemen bezorgen Amsterdam website which brings in flower delivery clients for a local florist and the Rondvaart Amsterdam website which the boys at Amsterdam Local have build for the largest boating company in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Local has recently added Bedrijfsuitje Amsterdam, Vergaderlocaties Amsterdam and Aannemer Amsterdam to its list of clients.

‘The opportunities and possibilities are endless,’ says Koen Loor of Amsterdam Local. ‘We are looking to add another 250 clients and websites to our list and will expand into other cities later in 2013. Niche long-tail marketing is the way forward and we’ve proved we know what we are doing.’