A round up of the best stories about the Netherlands and all things Dutch from leading international publications

What the Netherlands can teach Florida

Living with water -- whether it is enduring the wettest month on record in May, experiencing one of the most severe droughts to affect our water supply or preparing for this year's hurricane season -- is something with which Floridians grapple. (more…)  More >

Dutch return head of Ghana king

Dutch officials have handed back to Ghana the head of a king who was executed by colonists in the 1830s. Tribal elders led a ceremony in The Hague to hand over the head of Badu Bonsu II, stored in formaldehyde in a Dutch museum for 170 years. (more…)  More >

Dutch drama: antipirates sue Pirate Bay, are sued in return

A Dutch antipiracy tried to sue The Pirate Bay admins in a Dutch court, notifying them by "mail, e-mail, Twitter, and Facebook." But the antipirates got more than they bargained for—a Swedish defamation lawsuit from The Pirate Bay crew. The entire saga could only get stranger if Ewoks were somehow involved. (more…)  More >

Dutch gov’t returns stolen antiquities to Iraq

The Dutch government turned over dozens of antiquities stolen from Iraq to Baghdad's ambassador on Thursday and urged other countries to clamp down on the illicit trade of artifacts. (more…)  More >

Dutch banks still invest in arms companies-report

Despite some progress in the last two years, six major Dutch financial institutions still invest their own money or client money in companies that either make controversial weapons or trade arms with a select list of nations, a consortium said on Wednesday. (more…)  More >

Exploring Dutch Legacy 400 Years After Hudson

“Dutch New York: The Roots of Hudson Valley Culture,” an ambitious exhibition at the Hudson River Museum in Yonkers, reveals how New Yorkers have both embraced and mocked their Dutch heritage since 1609, when Henry Hudson first sailed up the river that now bears his name. (more…)  More >

Traditional Dutch fishermen turn to innovation

Sixth generation Dutch fisherman Louwe de Boer is part of a small group of pioneers abandoning traditional, wasteful methods and embracing innovation as a means of protecting their livelihoods. (more…)  More >

US environment chief praises Dutch water systems

The U.S.' chief environmental official said Tuesday that America can learn much from the way the Dutch manage water — focusing more on living with it than on trying to control it at every turn. (more…)  More >

Polaroid Lovers Try to Revive Its Instant Film

In this small town just across the border from Germany, a small group of Dutch scientists and one irrepressible Austrian salesman have dedicated themselves to the task of reinventing one of the great inventions of the 20th century — Polaroid’s instant film. (more…)  More >

Dutch-Jewish poet masks Israeli roots to win Arab prize

One name sticks out from the list of winners in the prestigious El Hizjra poetry competition intended for Dutch Arabs, which was announced two weeks ago - Tuvit Shlomi, press officer for Holland's largest Zionist group. (more…)  More >

Going Dutch

PICTURE ME, IF YOU WILL, as I settle at my desk to begin my workday, and feel free to use a Vermeer image as your template. (more…)  More >

Looking for Dutch NYC 400 years after Hudson

New York City is constantly being rebuilt, paved over and reinvented, so it's not easy to find remnants of the colony of New Amsterdam 400 years after Henry Hudson sailed up the river that bears his name. (more…)  More >

In “Africa Wax” war, Dutch take on China

A new trade war is unrolling across Africa: a battle between Chinese textile-makers and a colonial-era company from The Netherlands, original maker of the eye-catching "Dutch Wax" fabrics often known as "Africa Wax." (more…)  More >